Travel: Bombers Burrito Bar – Schenectady, NY

Schenectady NY has many great fabulous places to eat. One of the originals is Bombers Burrito Bar. They have been open for quite a long time, even before the more recent boom of many establishments. The bar/restaurant has two floors.  The first floor contains a food pickup and sit down area.  The second floor contains the bar and has many tables available to sit comfortably and be social. They also offer themed events such as trivia nights etc.  Theres always something happening here thats entertaining to most.
Bombers has always been a tried and true for me. The staff is always friendly, welcoming and the bar has a great selection. To top it off there’s a wonderful selection of affordable Mexican inspired foods and fabulous wings. One of my favorite things to munch on is the Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla.  However tonight I’m in the mood for one of my favorite guilty pleasures, Bombers Piggy Fries (as seen in the featured photo). Go to Bombers Burrito Bar for an evening of great tasting bites and tasty brews. They have been open since before the boom and are still providing great service to its customers to this day.

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