Travel: Joe’s Pizza – New York, NY

Joe’s Pizza – New York, NY
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I took an Amtrak into Penn Station from Schenectady, NY to meet up with my awesome cousin Michael and his wonderful wife, Lucy. A rare occasion, they were in NYC visiting from Los Angeles, CA.  They had a few days planned in the New York City and invited me down to join. We had a ton of fun going sight seeing and spending quality family time together. His wife Lucy had never been to NYC.  Michael and I had a great time showing her around, walking block after block. We visited places such as the Brooklyn Bridge, many shops and the beautiful Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. We also went on a horse and carriage ride through the beautiful Central Park. When traveling to New York City, I’m always in search of a great delicious pie to try.  One of many pizza’s that I had the privilege to try is Joe’s Pizza.

Joe’s Pizza is one of New York City’s top and most popular pizza joints.  They have several locations and once I tasted the pie, it was easy to understand why. Established in 1975 by Joe Pozzuoli, originally from Naples, Italy, the birthplace of pizza, Joe’s Pizza is a labeled and titled a “Greenwich Village institution” offering the classic New York slice for over 37 years!  NEW YORK MAGAZINE named JOE’S PIZZA “Best of New York” and in subsequent reviews referred to them as “the quintessential New York slice.” On top of that, In 2009 GQ Magazine listed Joe’s Pizza as one the “Best 25 Pizzas on Earth.” (Source:

Upon entering Joes’s Pizza, pretty much all seats were filled and lines were running outside the door.  My cousins and I were patiently awaiting our big slices of cheesy, crusty, victory.  Be prepared to be patient (It is well worth the wait). We ordered a full size, 8-cut cheese pie. Once ordered the wait wasn’t long and we were lucky to gather enough seats at the counter top to sit down and enjoy these slices sent from heaven. The cheese was very fresh and gooey. The sauce was thick, rich and full of flavor.  We could tell straight away that Joe’s Pizza does not cut any corners (just slices of pie, haha). The crust was a true NYC style crust that is thin, yet stable and easily foldable.  Eating Pizza in NYC it is custom to fold the slice inward and enjoy every delicious pizza bite. We were very pleased by our visit and left Joe’s Pizza, happy, satisfied and wanting more.

If one is ever traveling to NYC, be sure to stop by and pay Joe’s Pizza a visit. One will not be disappointed. Remember plan ahead of time and be patient. This pie is well worth the wait.  Joe’s Pizza will fill you up and give you the much needed energy to walk around and see all the amazing sites in New York City.  Joe’s Pizza has earned this traveling foodie’s respect and many others.  Stop in and give it a try and you’ll taste first mouth what true NYC Pizza is supposed to taste like. Theres many fantastic pizza joints in New York, but Joe’s has the reputation and flavor to stand out amongst the crowd.

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