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Max London’s Restaurant + Bar is located in historic Saratoga Springs, NY. They started out in the bakery business before opening this fabulous restaurant.  The bakery is still open today, located right next door (convenient). Max London’s Restaurant + Bar works with local farmers to source ingredients which assists and promotes the local economy.  They also make their mozzarella and ice cream in house. The cocktails are made with ONLY fresh squeezed juice. They offer a brunch menu that is a knock out and a superb dinner menu as well. Be sure to explore all options that are presented to you. This restaurant certainly has super star written all over it.
For an appetizer I ordered the chickpea polenta fries. The fries are served with black olive aioli and date ketchup. A much healthier option than just plain spuds in oil. Don’t get me wrong, I do love fries but one needs a bit a balance in their diet and Max London’s Restaurant + Bar is an answer. I also ordered the brisket sandwich. The sandwich contains house-smoked, slow roasted beef brisket, cheddar, caramelized onions and horseradish mayo. The brisket was tender and was smoked all the way through. The entire combination of ingredients worked well off of each other. I tell you I could not stop saying “mmmm”, bite after delicious bite. I was very pleased with the options I picked.
Whether you’re strolling around downtown, soaking in rich history, attending Saratoga Race Track in the summer or attending a Universal Preservation Hall event, I suggest you try Max London’s Restaurant + Bar. Don’t forget to stop next door for baked goods to go before you leave. I walked into this establishment for lunch and left with a great experience I can boast to my family and friends about.

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