Travel: 151 Bar & Restaurant – Schenectady, NY

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Downtown Schenectady, NY offers many locations to experience great food and drinks. There’s a ton of places to go that are all in walk by distance from each other. One of my favorite go to’s is 151 Bar and Restaurant. 151 offers indoor and outdoor seating. They have a fantastic bar that offers craft brews, cocktails and wine. This place is usually packed with many patrons who are thirty, social and hungry for great food. The crowd is very large especially in the summertime. The outside seating is great. 151 also has live bands for everyone’s entertainment pleasure. My favorite is Mia Scirocco and her band! The band has soul and heart that one can hear in their music. I especially love when the play Jackson 5 numbers. Mia has a great voice and nails it every-time. Another wonderful band is The Stockade Kids who are extremely talented and lay it down every time they perform and leave people excited and ready for more. Let’s not forget Patrick Sharrow who lays down soul on his acoustic guitar. He hits the strings and has great acoustic taps that are impeccable and never out of rhythm. He’s very talented and it shows. I can’t boast and stress about these acts enough. Enough about music let’s get to the food!

151 Bar & Restaurant offers a wonderful selection of great eats. They have many pizzas and toppings that are customizable, burgers, sandwiches and more. Their selections are very tasty and satisfying for anyone who’s ready to prowl the city, my hometown, Schenectady, NY.
Tonight I went with the 151 Burger topped with Blue Cheese and bacon. The burger was juicy, flavorful and terrific as expected. They have never let this traveling foodie down.
If you’re looking for a great atmosphere, bites and brews, 151 Bar & Restaurant never disappoints. Shout out to my favorite bar tender Sully who is always in a great mood and fantastic spirits whenever I greet him. This establishment is going forward and above. I’m happy that I have options like this in my hometown of Schenectady, NY. Be sure to check it out if you are in Upstate NY. The Capital District has lots to offer and consider being included.

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