Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes

In November, sweet potatoes are a extremely popular item on dinner tables across the US. From candied yams to sweet potato pie, there are plenty of options.  To be honest I get bored pretty easy and I wanted to create a sweet potato dish that is elevated and equally delicious. I love twice baked potatoes so I decided to create an elevated sweet potato version.  There’s many recipes available ones can try for the twice baked sweet potato. I think that my recipe is an equal contender for your dinner table. These potatoes are stuffed with ingredients such as pure maple syrup, pecans and a blend of spices that certainly make this recipe mouthwatering and delicious. Use this recipe for an everyday autumn meal, side or for holidays such as thanksgiving. I always give my best to every dish I create.  I hope you all enjoy! Thank you, @crownmaple @simplyspuds and @mydandies for creating delicious and fresh products which I incorporated into my recipe. Find this recipe and more on Tumblr and Pinterest @timsnykitchen (at Schenectady, New York). See recipes section of this site for the recipe.

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