Travel: The Van Dyck Lounge – Schenectady, NY

Prime Rib Panini with truffle fries
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The Van Dyck

Nestled in the Historic Stockade District, The Van Dyck is a main stay in the city of Schenectady, NY. Originally opened in 1947 by Harlem refugee Marvin Friedman. Many of Jazz greats played here. One notable great is Dizzy Gillespie. Ownership has changed throughout the years. Today the Van Dyck still host many of performers and has an outstanding beer and food selection. If one ever visits Schenectady, be sure to strongly consider this place. The Van Dyck brews its own tasty beers labeled under the “Mad Jack” name. Beers like “Upstate Harvest” and Fightin’ Irwin are my favorites. The food is very tasty with a menu that is always trending. Some options are the Beer Battered Fried Pickles, Prime Rib Panini, Philly Cheese Steak with Beer cheese and Truffle Fries. If one likes a tasty beer, great food, music and astounding atmosphere, The Van Dyck speaks to the soul just as the Jazz greats intended. (at Van Dyck)

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