Travel: Tony Luke’s – Philadelphia, PA

Philly Cheesesteak with American cheese
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I stopped into Philadelphia one day and of course I was looking for an amazing cheesesteak.  I asked some locals in my travels and many had suggested that I try the award winning, Tony Lukes. Upon entering this establishment, the tasty scent of beef and onions put a chokehold on my olfactory senses.  I stepped up to the counter and ordered my cheesesteak (choice rib eye) with onions and American cheese.  They offer cheese wiz and provolone too so one has many to die for cheesy options. I received my cheesesteak and took a large bite.  The bread was soft on the inside and has a crunchy exterior that all die hard cheesesteak fans enjoy. The steak was so juicy that it dribbled down my face.  I left saying “Man, I should have ordered two!”.  So if you ever visit Philly I strongly suggest trying Tony Lukes. You will not be disappointed or caught in a dreaded tourist trap.  Tony Lukes has earn respect from many and from this New York Foodie.  I will return someday thats for certain. #timsnykitchenbestof @tonylukes (at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

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